Matador Ranch has been known for its quality Hereford cattle for many years.  Since the mid 1980s we have expanded our vision to incorporate the best Angus genetics we could find.  This breed rotation has produced a female that reproduces efficiently and that has range ability for our terrain here in the Caprock region of Texas. These cows are moderate-framed and produce calves that are sought after by feeders. Our calves have earned a reputation for being efficient in the feed yard and produce a quality beef product at finish.

Today we breed high quality Hereford and Angus mix Black Baldy cows which are paired with outstanding pure-bred Akaushi bulls to produce F1 Akaushi crosses.  These cattle are proven to provide superior customer satisfaction and are marketed exclusively through HeartBrand Beef® (


Matador Ranch is introducing Akaushi cattle, prized for their marbling and taste, into its breeding portfolio, with the first-generation crosses and purebreds expected this fall.

Matador’s goal is to offer a consumer-preferred product that commands a premium at market by supplying Akaushi-registered progeny initially for other breeding programs. Guests at the ranch’s hunting lodge regularly enjoy a meal featuring a mesquite-grilled Akaushi ribeye steak.

The expectation is the new breed will complement Matador’s commercial cattle operation and through artificial insemination and embryo transfer develop a foundation herd.

About the Akaushi breed

Fifty years ago, the Japan Association of Akaushi began collecting, managing and processing all carcass performance, breeding pedigrees and economic data. Master geneticists and scientists used these data to select prospective sire and dam lines, which are not released for general production until proven meritorious by extensive and accurate statistical analysis, using a sophisticated progeny-testing model. As a result of this closed system, Akaushi are extremely uniform and consistent for all carcass and palatability traits.

Akaushi (Japanese Red) is one of four Wagyu breeds. “Wa” and “gyu” means Japanese and cattle, respectively. Akaushi is particularly valued in Japan for its high quality beef. Akaushi cattle were first brought to Texas in 1994 and today the breed numbers more than 5,000 head.

For information on the cattle visit the American Akaushi Association.